Kern County DMV Hearing Attorney
Have you received a notice from the DMV that they are
suspending your drivers license?  If so we can help.

The California DMV has invented dozens of ways to suspend a
person's privilege to drive.  Among the most common are those
related to the improper use Administrative Per Se suspension
hearings, also referred to as "APS" DMV hearings which arise
out of a DUI arrest.  A
DMV Hearing Attorney is essential to
prevail in these proceedings.   These hearings are conducted at
Driver Safety offices located throughout the state.  In Los
Angeles County the hearing locations are as follows:  El
Segundo, Van Nuys, Downtown Los Angeles, Commerce and
Inglewood. In Kern County the DMV hearings are held in
Bakersfield, and in San Luis Obispo County the driver safety
offices are in Oxnard, and downtown San Luis Obispo.

The DMV Hearings are very informal and do not involve an
actual independent Judge, rather they are presided over by a
DMV employee known as a hearing officer.  Although these
officers are not lawyers they do have training in the proper
procedures and relevant law that dictates how evidence is
presented and what standard of proof is necessary to sustain a
suspension of an individual's drivers license.  The "dual role" of
the hearing officer as both an impartial judge of the facts and as
a prosecutor for the department has created the appearance of a
conflict of interest, but the Courts have held this is acceptable,
much to the dislike of most attorneys that practice regularly in
the area.

In addition to APS hearings, some examples of other types of
DMV Hearings include: Negligent Operator Hearings that involve
cases where a driver has too many points on their driving record
due to
speeding tickets ; Fraud Hearings involving the misuse of
a drivers license to purchase alcohol by those underage; and
Medical and Skill Hearings that involve the issue of a person's
ability to drive due to age improper use of drugs and various
medical conditions.  These DMV hearings can very often be
beyond the scope of the average person to handle and therefore
the services of a skilled
Kern County Lawyer familiar with the
rules and procedures can level the playing field and increase a
persons chances of prevailing and saving their license.  

The most important thing to know about DMV Hearings is that
there is a time deadline to request a hearing, if that deadline
expires you may not have a right to challenge the suspension at

Surprisingly, there is no presumption of innocence in a drivers
license suspension hearing in California.  In fact, there is a
presumption under statute that the paperwork submitted by the
police officer is correct and reliable and true.  However, there is
a litany of defenses available, most very complex, that can be
raised to help level the playing field for those facing a license
suspension for a DUI or racking up too many points due to
speeding tickets.

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