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When a loved one is facing a Court date for a Kern county DUI Case
you and other members of the family can have many questions
regarding the potential consequences that such a matter may have.  
For example, when can the DMV restore a driver's license.  What is
the maximum amount of punishment that the Judge can give?  What
is the penalty for not taking a breath or blood test?  All of these
questions can be answered by an experienced lawyer.

Although California law prohibits driving while your blood alcohol is
at or above .08, many people do not know that even if a breath test
says you are above the limit, there are dozens of defenses that can be
used to fight and win the charge of DUI.  For example, many drivers
are detained while in an "absorptive phase" of alcohol intoxication
which means their blood alcohol is lower at the time of driving than it
is later when tested by a breath machine.

Do you know someone who has been arrested for a DUI in Kern
County? For over a decade our Law Firm has been helping make that
experience result in a good outcome in Court.  Unknown to the
general public is the fact that there are defenses that can be raised in
drunk driving criminal cases.  Did you know that every breath or
blood test given in Kern County must comply with very rigid rules
pertaining to how and in what manner the arresting officer can collect
the sample?  Seemingly innocuous mistakes such as the failure on the
officer's part to observe the accused for a proscribed period of time
prior to the test could result in the evidence being thrown out in Court
and at the DMV.

Furthermore, the law recognizes that the arresting officer can fail to
properly perform his or her duties and when this occurs the evidence
can be rendered unreliable.  The controlling statutes in the area are
Title 17 in the California Code of Regulations.  The attorneys in our
firm know these regs better than anyone and can use them to help get
your case dismissed in Court and at the DMV.

Our Law Firm has identified at least 20 areas of attack when dealing
with a breath test.  For example, the breath machines used in Kern
County are prone to error when mouth alcohol is present such as
when a suspect burps or belches within a short period of time before
blowing into the device.  Should this occur the test will yield a false
high, subjecting the accused to charges that may be unfounded.  In
addition, recent dental work can trap alcohol molecules and
subsequently disperse them into the breath machine that will falsely
read that as blood alcohol.  In fact even molecular amounts of
ethanol trapped in the mouth, gums, trapped food particles, chewing
tobacco, etc. can influence a breathalyzer to the detriment of the
defendant in a drunk driving case.

What if my Kern County DUI requires a Court appearance and I do
not live in the area?  The good news we can appear for you so you
do not need to travel long distances or encounter stress and spend
money to fly or take the train back to the Court.  California law
allows a licensed attorney such as us to fully represent and show up
to defend a misdemeanor crime such as drunk driving.  However, if
your case is a felony DWI you will be required to personally appear.

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When a person is arrested for a DUI and issued a notice to appear in
Lamont Court two things are set in motion.  First, the person is
handed a notice of suspension and a temporary license which
contains information regarding what must be done through the DMV
in order to save the person's license.  This piece of paper is pink in
color and has a DMV logo on the top left hand corner.  The Law
provides that action be taken immediately in order to preserve a right
to a hearing and thus save the license.  Having the assistance of a
local Lamont Attorney is crucial in order to win at the DMV hearing.

The second thing triggered by the Drunk Driving arrest is the Court
proceedings.  The person is typically given a notice to appear in
Court on a given day to answer to the charge of DUI.  This action is
the criminal component of the case and could result in a conviction
for DUI or drunk driving unless a defense is raised.  A DUI Lawyer
familiar with the Kern County Court in Lamont is essential to win in
Court and keep a conviction for DUI off the person's record.

The experienced Kern County DUI Lawyer in our Firm is masterful
in obtaining a Dismissal in cases pertaining to all VC23152 violations,
Commercial truck drivers, Marijuana and Prescription Drug Influence
matters, and all enhancements such as child endangerment, high
blood alcohol, excessive speed, Prior Convictions, Suspended
License and Probation Violations.

Among the myriad of ways a lawyer can fight a DUI is a direct attack
on the breath test itself.  A DUI Attorney in Kern County can file
legal motions challenging the chemical test given in the DWI case.  
For example, in one relevant case the lawyer asserted that the officer
failed to follow the regulatory requirements set forth in the law.  His
objections resulted in the test being thrown out.

Having a local Kern County DUI Lawyer in your corner makes all
the difference.  You do not know the local criminal justice system,
we do.  California drunk driving law is complex, we know the law
and how to use it to obtain a favorable outcome.  The
DMV hearing
process is a minefield for a non-lawyer, we practice in the DMV
Courts every day and know how to navigate the territory.

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Anyone having a DUI ticket in Southern Kern County is issued a
Court date, we go to Court for out of state clients. In most cases our
clients never need to appear in Court or come back to Kern County
for a DMV Hearing.  Our Law Office works with attorneys around
the state to represent clients arrested in Kern County.  Recently one
Torrance DUI Attorney referred a case to us and Bruce worked his
legal skills to obtain an acquittal in the Lamont Court for the accused
who got arrested in Frazier Park , had a commercial license and a
prior conviction for driving while intoxicated..

Our Kern County DUI Lawyer defends drunk driving cases
throughout the jurisdiction including:  Taft, Marijuana and Drugs
DWI defense, Delano, Mojave Court, Tehachapi, Lake Isabella,
Lake Buena Vista, Lake Webb and all surrounding Southern County
local Communities. DWI Legal Help in Lamant California Ca. Kern
County CA  and Bear Valley Springs Criminal Lawyers and
Attorneys Lebec Frazier Park Taft County Commercial Mandatory
Appearance Grapevine and Interstate 5 Traffic Attorneys in Shafter
Wasco Superior Courts .  We also handle
drug possession charges
and are available to recall old warrants in Court for failure to appear
in order to remove drivers license holds.

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