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The Kern County CHP has a reputation for giving out the most
tickets than any other agency in the area.  Among the tickets they
write are for VC22348(b), 22350, 22349 and 22356.  We defend
speeding ticket citations in the Kern County Court in Lamont.  Many
people are unaware of the punishments for speeding tickets, there
can be serious consequences for a traffic violation conviction for
offenses ranging from exceeding the posted limit of 55 mph all the
way to more serious matters such as 100 plus violations which carry
the most severe punishment that includes possible license
suspension, 2 points on DMV report and fines
that can total $2500.

In our 20 years of defending speeding tickets we have learned a
thing or two about winning these types of cases in Court.  Here are
the top 3 things a person can do to ensure a good result:
    1.  Make sure you keep track of the deadline to challenge the
ticket.  The notice to appear contains the actual Court date that you
must appear on in order to avoid a failure to appear.
    2.  Do not argue or fight with the CHP officer on the roadway.  
The cop can make notes or take steps to ensure you will face a more
difficult case when you or an attorney will show up in Court, so
don't fight with the cop on the street.
    3.  Take good notes of the details of the citation.  The issuing
officer will write notes on the back of the ticket to help him
remember the important facts, you should do the same.

How we differ from  "Internet ticket mills" found on the web.  First
of all, when you hire our firm you get a real local lawyer to go to
Court for you and fight the citation.  The ticket mills will only file a
written declaration for you, that's it.  Our Law Firm has been
defending drivers from speeding tickets in Kern County for 20 years.
Attorney Bruce Blythe knows the Judges in the Lamont Court, he
knows the CHP officers involved and he knows how to get your
violation dismissed.

If you are looking for a speeding ticket attorney in Lamont CA you
came to the right place.  Our Lawyers fight all tickets, including,
reckless driving and driving on a suspended license (VC14601).  We
also handle a good deal of commercial violations for truck drivers
out of the Lamont Court.  Downhill truck speed tickets most often
go to this local Court.  As local Speeding Ticket Attorneys we can
help, for nearly twenty years the attorney has fought and won all
manner of speeding violations and FTA, failure to appear.

We can go to Court and appear for you. Traffic tickets, speeding
tickets and other traffic related citations are usually heard by a Kern
County Judge in the traffic Court. Since most tickets are infractions,
jail time is usually not an issue.  However, the following are
consequences which may occur if you are convicted of, or fail to
satisfy a traffic citation in the Lamont Superior Court:

•     A substantial fine and/or court costs (For example the maximum
fine for VC22348b is upwards of $2500).
•     Points added to your  DMV record
( California only allows 3 points before a suspension commences)
•     Probation or potential incarceration
(Reckless Driving, for example, carries potential 90 days jail)
•     Driver's license revocation or suspension by the DMV.
•     Higher auto insurance premiums.

How can a lawyer assist a person facing a mandatory Court
A Lamont speeding ticket attorney can often assist you
with resolving a Kern County traffic ticket, California speeding ticket
or California traffic citation in such a way that many of these
circumstances or punishment may be avoided. Because the facts,
law, and circumstances of each California traffic ticket case vary, it
is important for persons in need of a lawyer to meet individually with
counsel to obtain specific advice about traffic courts in California.

The information contained on this website regarding California traffic
tickets, speeding tickets, and traffic citations is no substitute for
individual legal consultation and advice about the
ticket process.

Call us for more information about your Lamont CA, Taft CA,
Shafter CA, Mojave CA, Bakersfield, or Delano speeding ticket.
Most tickets can be handled by simply paying the fine through
the mail, however if the Kern County Court is requiring a mandator
y appearance or if pleading guilty will result in the suspensi
on of your driver's license due to too many points or commerci
al license or employment issues it may be best to hire a
local Law
to appear for you and attempt to resolve the citation.

Examples of Speeding Offenses We Handle

Basic Speed Law
Driving at a speed that is Not Safe for Conditions, due to weather,
traffic, pedestrians, lighting, road conditions, etc. -- VC 22350

However, the Use of Radar or Laser by a
CHP Officer is Illegal -
unless a Valid Engineering and Traffic Survey is on file, which
justifies the "Posted Speed" Limit. Generally, these Traffic Surveys
are inadequate and the cases can be dismissed with the filing of
appropriate legal
objections in a Court of law.

Maximum Speed Law -- VC 22349(a) or VC 22356(b)
Driving on Freeway in excess of the Posted Maximum Speed Limit,
i.e., 55, 65 or 70 MPH.

Driving in Excess of 100 MPH -- VC22348(b)
Speeding on a street, freeway or highway in Excess of 100 MPH

Sometimes this violation can form the basis for a reckless driving
charge -- VC 22103 This offense carries 2 points and a potential
license suspension and requires a mandatory appearance. This
speeding offense will also remain on your California driving record
up to twice as long as other 1 point tickets.

Truck Speeding -- VC 22406
Trucks [or vehicles towing a trailer] cannot drive at a speed in excess
55 MPH.  Most of these tickets are issued on or around the
Grapevine area by the CHP, particularly around Fort Tejon where
the downgrade becomes very steep. The CHP is well known for
entrapping commercial drivers along this stretch of interstate 5, both
south and north of the central valley.  Our speeding ticket lawyers
enjoy a 90 percent success rate in avoiding points for these tickets.

Failure to Appear (Violating written promise to appear)
This offense is a misdemeanor regardless of the underlying reason
for the citation and will result in a bench warrant for arrest.  Our
Lamont Speeding ticket attorney can arrange a Court date to get in
and recall bench warrants in all Kern County Courts.  We go to
Court, get the hold lifted, get the FTA removed in many cases and
restore your California drivers license.

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