Actual Client Testimonials
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"After reviewing your E-mail I was relieved and elated at the same
time.  As I assume it must be with most of your clients, it was a
huge relief to receive word of the positive outcome of my trial, as
it were, and to have that burden lifted.  I, more than most though,
have a profound sense of humility and indebtedness to you and
your firm, as I realize the value and real worth of your services.   
In this jaded world we live in, where it is all too easy to believe the
system is set up only to suck us dry of all our hopes and dreams.  
Where only the tough survive and the weak are crushed and
discarded, it is humbling to know that some in the system... the
attorneys like you of the system... can and will work within this
system to provide a way out of the judicial system WITHOUT
being crushed and discarded.   If you or your colleagues ever feel
'what am I doing this for', rest assured that there are a few of us
out here that may need your skills, patience, and willingness to
represent us in the system, and help us survive the crushing weight
of the bureaucracy and  the burdensome, hopelessly slow, faith
destroying wheels of our judicial system."
Jeff Mitchell

I live in Bay Area (California). During my vacation to Las Vegas, I
got this speeding ticket. I was required to show in court personally.
Due to my busy schedule and the long distance from the court to
my home, I decided to hire a lawyer to handle this issue.     I am
lucky to find you to represent me in the court. He handles my case
professionally and quickly. Their charge is very fair. Now my case
is dismissed. I really appreciate their service.
Best regards,

" I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. He
defines  excellence in knowledge of the law. His experience,
expertise within the judicial system, and his relationship with clients
as well as colleagues allowed him to take a case, where the odds
were against me all the way, all the way to acquittal. He was able
to save my Class A Driver's License, which allowed me to keep
my position at my job.   In my dealings with your attorney he was
honest and straight forward with my options, possible decisions,
and outcomes. His guidance and hard work is greatly appreciated
and highly recommended.
Thank you, Bruce"

" I live in the San Francisco area but was cited for speeding over
100 miles per hour in Lamont,  Kern County. I did not want 2
points on my record and risk having my license suspended by the
Court. I looked for a local  Attorney who could help me, and
found you guys.  You guys handled my case from start to finish
for one low fee and I never had to appear in Lamont Court. He got
the 100 + violation dismissed and saved my license and insurance."
A.C., San Francisco

" I was looking for Lawyers  having been charged with DUI with 2
priors in Lamont California, I was also on probation in Lamont
Court for DUI.  My Attorneys kept me out of jail, Thank you!
D.C, Frazier Park, CA.

"Thank you for your help in my reckless driving case in Lamont.  
Not having to go to Court was a plus, but the fact you got the case
dismissed was the icing on the cake.  You guys are the best !
M.D. Los Angeles CA

" I had a warrant in the Lamont Court, my attorney went to Court
for me and got the warrant recalled, the lawyer settled the case
without me ever having to go to the Court in Lamont.
S.A., La Habra, California

" When our brother was arrested and jailed in Kern County we
didn't know who to go to for help. Thank goodness we found a
Lawyer like you, to get my brother released from jail and the
charges dismissed.  Thank you "
S.F. Los Angeles

"I was arrested and charged with DUI in Lamont CA. I hired
Lamont Attorney Blythe and they immediately started an
investigation of the case which resulted in all criminal charges being
T.M. Los Angeles

" When I got arrested for DUI and marijuana possession in
Lamont Ca I found you on the internet and I called sight unseen.
Mr. Blythe got my charge reduced and I did not have to go to jail
or lose my license.
Satisfied Client, Palmdale CA.

"The attorney got my 100 plus speeding ticket in Lamont reduced
even though I had priors for the same thing. Highest Success rate!  
Thanks a lot !
A.P., Los Angeles

"Thanks again for getting my speeding over 100 mph ticket
dismissed in Mojave Court"
A.C, Bakersfield CA

" When I got arrested and charged with DUI and speeding over
100 in Taft knew I would need a local attorney.  I retained Mr.
Blythe and they got the charges dropped, thanks from the bottom
of my heart"
Happy Client from Los Angeles

"What a relief it was to learn that you got my 100 plus ticket
dismissed, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Steven L., Northern California.

" You saved my license, Thank you! "
Jaucquin F., Grover Beach Ca.

" At first I was hesitant about hiring a Lawyer, now that you were
able to save my driver's license it was the best decision I ever
Jaime G., Hawthorne California

"Thank you Bruce for getting my driving over 100 ticket
dismissed, without your help I would be in a tough spot, I am
sending a friend of mine to you that was given a citation for the
same thing"
Roberto D., San Jose CA

"I am writing your Law Firm to thank you for the results attorney
Blythe got me, the results were better than expected!"
Samantha M., San Francisco California.
Superb Rated Attorney