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If you were driving through the Central Valley and stopped or
arrested for drunk driving or DWI you need a Top Rated Kern
County DUI Attorney on your side.  Driving while intoxicated can be
very serious and the penalty can be severe. The crime of driving
under the influence of drugs is one that is uniquely different from
that of the common DUI involving alcohol.  The most distinctive
difference is the lack of any
per se level of impairment for drugs.  
Put another way, the law prohibits driving with a BAC of .08 or
more, if you are found to be at or above that
per se level you are
presumed to be impaired.  In DUID cases there is no presumptive

If you have been arrested and charged with DUID in Lamont Court,
we can help.  California has enacted VC 23152f which specifically
addresses DUI when the person is under the influence of drugs
alone.  The drug could be any substance that can impair a person's
ability to drive a motor vehicle.  A conviction has serious
consequences for anyone concerned about the loss of their license,
jail and the impact it has on their DMV record.

In Kern County, as with other areas of California,  a person can be
charged with Vehicle Code 23152 or "DUI" if they are determined to
be driving under the influence of any drug, it doesn't even have to be
a controlled or illicit substance.    The most common drugs that the
cops look for are Marijuana, Soma, Ecstacy, Methamphetamine,
Heroin, Cocaine and prescription drugs such as Vicodin, Xanax, and
other pain killers.  DUID is the nickname for the offense and for
nearly 20 years we have been fighting these charges in Kern County.

If a driver displays the symptoms of drug use the CHP or other
"DRE".  The DRE is trained to detect signs of drug impairment from
most drugs.  The Officer that originally stopped the individual and
turned them over to the DRE will usually not make the arrest but will
be part of the DUI case to establish the basis for the original stop and
the events leading up to the detention and arrest.  Most trained cops
are going to follow a series of steps outlined in their training manual,
our lawyers have that book and we use it against officers in Court.

The most frequent types of chemical tests given to a DUI-Drugs
suspect will be the urine or blood test.  These test are administered
once breath is used to rule out the use of alcohol as the cause of the
impairment.  The state mandates that the officer follow
predetermined regulations in the handling and collection of the

Urine and Blood tests can be challenged by an experienced DUI
Lawyer, our attorneys have undergone extensive training in attacking
DUI tests such as urinalysis and the gas chromatograph used to
analyze bodily fluids for drugs that impair driving.

Lamont DUI Lawyers are experts in obtaining a Dismissal in
cases pertaining to all VC23152 violations, Commercial truck drivers,
Marijuana and Prescription Drug Influence matters, and all
enhancements such as child endangerment, high blood alcohol,
excessive speed, Prior Convictions, Suspended License and
Probation Violations, DUID and DWI Drug arrests.

Lamont DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff has a near 100% success rate
on DUID cases involving Marijuana in California.

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