Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Lamont California
Arrested for a drug possession charge in Kern County or Lamont
California?  We can help.  For over 25 years our defense
attorneys have been fighting allegations of criminal drug
possession in all parts of the region.

The most common type of drug possession charge is what is
known as simple possession or personal use.  Other types of
offenses are intent to sell, actual sales, importation and
transportation.  All of the crimes require two basic elements: One
is knowledge of the substance, and the second is dominion and
control over the drugs.

The following is a typical scenario.  A person is stopped while
traveling in a vehicle on interstate 5 of highway 99, most often by
the CHP.  The vehicle is searched and drugs are discovered
somewhere in the vehicle.  The occupants are arrested and
charged with one of the previously mentioned drug offenses.  
The question is how is the crime proven?  First, the District
Attorney will attempt to establish that the accused knew of the
presence of the drugs by using either direct or circumstantial
evidence.  For example, an admission that the person was aware
of the drugs or that the contraband was discovered in an area that
the person had access to such as a console, glove compartment
or some bag or luggage within the vehicle.

Defenses can exist to these charges.  Our Lamont attorneys can
attack the state's case arguing a failure of proof or insufficiency
of evidence.  Moreover,  motions can be filed challenging the
legality of the car stop and the subsequent search.  Our lawyers
have been successful in suppressing evidence that was the
product of a violation of a defendant's fourth amendment rights
under the constitution.  We use the latest technology and
innovative approaches to have criminal charges dropped when

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with
drug possession in Kern County or in the Lamont Court we can
defend the case and seek to have the charges dismissed, reduced
or expunged.   We are also skilled in accomplishing the release of
suspects from jail with the use of bail reductions and motions to
dismiss.  In one recent case that was heard for an arrest on the
interstate near Taft, we arranged a complete dismissal of the
felony charge of drug possession without a prescription

Kern County Drug Possession Defense Attorneys have
extensive experience with virtually all types of drug charges and
substances including marijuana, heroin, ecstasy,
methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription pain killers like vicodin,
oxycontin, and all other narcotics.

In many cases the CHP will simply give you a citation for drug
possession and release you with a promise to appear in Lamont
Court at a future date, we can help.
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