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Do you have a pending Criminal Case in Lamont California? We
are California licensed lawyers offering advice, consultations and
legal representation for all serious traffic tickets, DUI, driving
under the influence and operating a vehicle without a license.  
We are local Lamont attorneys who know the Judge in the Court
where your matter will be heard.  Our Law Firm has practiced in
the South Kern County Justice system for well over 25 years.
Our Lawyer has an unparalleled track record of success.   When
you need an aggressive Lawyer to vigorously defend your
constitutional and statutory rights give us a call.  

We are defense lawyers that get Phenomenal results for our
clients. Lawyers here to represent you in the Lamont Court or
any case in Kern County CA.  We can go to Court for you and
negotiate a favorable resolution. We have over twenty years
experience to serve you. All Criminal, Traffic and DUI cases.
Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation directly
with the Attorney.  Hire a local Kern County Criminal Lawyer
who has practiced in the community for close to two decades.  

Get in touch with Kern County Criminal Attorney (You will not
be passed off to a paralegal) if you have an outstanding bench
warrant in Lamont Cort or a failure to appear on a ticket you
never went to Court on, they can help clear it up. In addition to
our Kern County office, we have an office in Los Angeles to
serve you.

All criminal charges, including drunk driving, drug possession,
child endangerment, driving on suspended license, DWI, bench
warrants for past failure to appear are just a few of the cases we
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