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Kern County Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff has been
representing those accused of criminal offenses for over 25 years.  
He has defended hundreds of criminal, DUI and speeding ticket
cases in Lamont Court and often teaches other Attorneys in the
practice of Criminal Defense.  Matt has been appointed Counsel for
indigent defendants by the Lamont Court on countless cases.  He is
recognized as a zealous defender for the rights of those he represents
in Court.  

Attorney Alexander Griggs has been a criminal defense attorney for
over 20 years and resides in Kern County. Unlike other attorney
sites on the web, Alex is actually a local Kern County attorney who
is in Court virtually every day fighting for his client's rights in
criminal matters, drug cases, DUI and traffic matters in the Lamont
California Court, Federal Court and all State Courts in Southern and
Central California.

In their careers as High Profile Criminal Defense Attorneys they
have successfully represented clients on virtually every type of
criminal charge from traffic tickets to murder, they both have a
stellar reputation as FIGHTERS for client's rights.  

The Attorneys are licensed to practice law in the entire State of
California, DMV hearings,  as well as the Federal District Courts in
California and the Federal Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. The
Attorneys are members in good standing with the California Bar
Association,  National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,
California DUI Defender, Matt is a member of the National College
of DUI Defense.

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