Marijuana Charges


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Arrested for a marijuana offense in Kern
We can help, we fight cases from simple possession
to illegal sales, transportation, importation and
driving while under the influence of marijuana.  
Kern County has been slow to accept that the
citizens of the state have deemed the use of
cannabis as having useful medicinal qualities. The
Lamont Court adjudicates criminal charges
involving marijuana stemming from arrests taking
place on Highway 99 and Interstate 5.  As local
Kern County criminal defense attorneys we can
defend you in Court and work to get marijuana
criminal charges dismissed.

The most common type of charges filed pertaining
to pot is the transportation and possession with the
intent to sell.  Although California law permits the
use of this substance with the recommendation of a
doctor, there are limits under the law.  Large
quantities of marijuana beyond that necessary to
treat the medical condition could be construed as
beyond the scope of the legislative intent.  Our
attorneys are specialists in finding appropriate legal
defenses to all criminal drug charges in Kern
County. If you are needing a Lamont DUI Attorney,
we are here for you.  In addition, our firm also  has
Lamont Speeding Ticket Attorney that is familiar
with all traffic laws within the jurisdiction.

If you have been arrested for illegal possession of
marijuana in Kern County, marijuana DUI, or have
an appearance in the Lamont Court we can help.  In
many situations our
Lamont Criminal defense
Attorney can go to Court for you.

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