The Process to Fight Your Ticket
If you received a speeding ticket in Kern County you were
issued a notice to appear in Court on a given date.  For many,
the time it takes to drive to the Court and fight the ticket on
their own is not practical, not to mention the legal aspects of the
case.  For this reason, many folks decide to retain a lawyer in
the area to handle the citation for them.  

The following is a summary of the process your case will take
from start to finish:

The first step of the process to fight a traffic ticket is called an
arraignment. At the arraignment, we may enter a “not guilty”
plea and schedule a new Court date for a trial or continue the
arraignment for a future Court date. Following the arraignment,
we may elect to challenge various aspects of the case or decide
to engage in plea bargain discussions with the Judge or the
prosecution. These discussions can often result in the charges
being reduced or dismissed. If the plea-bargain is accepted, this
will bring an end to the case. Typical negotiated dispositions
include a plea to a less serious charge or a vehicle code section
that may not carry points or a charge that does not result in the
suspension of your drivers license or driving privilege in
California. If the case does not settle for a plea bargain then it
will proceed to what is known as a Court trial.

A Court trial will usually be calendared for a new date
anywhere from a month to three months, depending upon
which courthouse your case is assigned to. A Court trial in a
traffic ticket case is like any other criminal case with the
exception that there is no jury empaneled, the outcome of the
case is in the hands of a Judge. It begins with direct examination
and cross-examination of the witnesses (usually law
enforcement), motions to exclude evidence, closing arguments,
and a verdict.

The advantage to hiring a local
Kern County Speeding Ticket
Attorney is that you will not be required to appear at any stage
of the process unless you are specifically notified to attend. We
will send you a letter with the final disposition of your case
once a resolution has been obtained.  

It will often take several months for your case to be resolved, in
the time of Covid delays are common.  
You do not need to
contact us requesting updates
, the Attorney will reach out to
you if there are any significant events in your case.

Our Law Firm defends tickets in Lamont, Taft, Shafter,
Bakersfield, and Mojave.

Understanding the process to fight a ticket in Lamont is the first
step to make an intelligent decision on your options for the
case.  The consequences of fighting a traffic citation are not as
extreme as you may think.

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