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Attorney Matthew Ruff and Alex Griggs fight traffic tickets in Kern
County and the Lamont Court.  Tickets can result in huge increases
in insurance and can sometimes mean the loss of a job or possibly a
suspension of your drivers license.  A conviction for a speeding
ticket in many Courts can have the consequences of adding points
on your DMV record which can ultimately result in a revocation of
you acquire more than 3 points in a 12 month span of time.

Before we get to the specifics of fighting a speeding ticket it may be
helpful to talk briefly about ways to avoid a citation in the first
place.  Most importantly, BE NICE.  Being respectful and
courteous goes along way.  Apologize for what the officer alleges
you did, be contrite and apologetic, this may yield huge dividends.   
Most CHP Officers deal with jerks all day so if you simply be nice
when the officer contacts you it may get you out of a ticket.  If the
officer writes the ticket anyway and you contact us, chances are we
can get the ticket dismissed or reduced in Court if the officer didn't
write "Adam Henry" on the back of the citation (a phonetic phrase
used by cops to describe an "A" hole.

Here is the scenario:  You get a ticket on the grapevine or
somewhere along Interstate 5 and end up with a Court date in
Lamont Superior, what do you do?  

For those individuals, there exist many questions and concerns
about how to deal with the problem.  Beware, many myths
circulate about the process.  A speeding ticket does not have to
mean deleterious effects on a DMV record or an escalation of
insurance costs, as long as a prudent approach is implemented for
your Kern County traffic violation.

The following are numerous myths that exist pertaining to traffic

"My home state will not find out about my traffic ticket or speeding
ticket conviction received in the state of California, County of

False. Any California traffic conviction will be reported to your
home state under the interstate compact.  However, a local attorney
can often negotiate a violation that  may not be reported, or fight
the case and get a dismissal of the ticket to keep the entire violation
off your driving record.

"If I complete driving school, my Kern County traffic ticket or
speeding ticket citation will automatically be dismissed".

False. California traffic ticket or speeding ticket dismissals are
granted on an individual basis and can only be granted by the
Judge. Some violations such as speeding over 100 mph are
ineligible for traffic school, also, speeding violations written over 20
mile per hour are also ineligible.   Moreover, Commercial Drivers
cannot attend traffic school under any circumstances.  However an
attorney may be able to negotiate a reduction of the offense to
make the violation eligible for traffic school.  In the case of
commercial drivers, an attorney can often work out a non-point
traffic offense that may not appear on the driver's record.

"It’s less expensive for me to just pay the traffic ticket than to hire
a California traffic Court lawyer or speeding ticket attorney".

False. In the long run, it is often more expensive to pay the traffic
ticket because of the increase in car insurance premiums and other
collateral consequences, especially in cases involving a speeding
ticket.  Those drivers who depend on their license for their job are
particularly at a big disadvantage if they let the ticket go to

"I’m unable to appear on my court date, so my only choice is to
pay the Kern County traffic ticket or California speeding ticket

False. Depending on the facts of your traffic court case, our Kern
County traffic court lawyer or speeding ticket attorney may be able
to waive your appearance and favorably resolve your excessive
speed ticket or traffic ticket in the Lamont Court, Taft Court,
Mojave, Shafter and Bakersfield.

Avoid falling for the falsehoods and stereotypes associated with
being issued a traffic ticket.  Consult a local Lamont Speeding
Ticket Attorney that possesses the specialized knowledge necessary
for a positive outcome on your case.

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